Warwickshire Badger Group

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Resources & Downloads

Below are downloadable PDF’s expanding on the information found.

Download Protection of Badgers Act 1992

Download Guide to Interference of Badgers or Setts

Download Guide on taking action to stop the cull

Download Badgers in your garden booklet

Download Badger fun sheet

Download Guidance sheet for Sett recording

Download Guide on badger fencing

Download The badgers year


 The Badger Trust: https://www.badgertrust.org.uk/ 

Badgerland: http://www.badgerland.co.uk/

National Wildlife Crime Unit: http://www.nwcu.police.uk/ 

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust: https://www.warwickshirewildlifetrust.org.uk/ 

RSPCA: https://www.rspca.org.uk/ 

Links to articles that may be of interest

Why badgers are unfairly demonised – and what we can do to help: Link (theconversation.com)

Mapping bovine TB (bTB) in England and Wales: https://www.ibtb.co.uk/