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Report an emergency

Please contact these numbers where a rapid response is required. This is for injured badgers needing urgent assistance and treatment or for cubs found abandoned. 

In the first instance, contact the RSPCA (open 7am-10pm) for assistance with injured or abandoned badgers on 0300 1234999, and only if they are too busy to attend contact Warwickshire Badger Group.

Our emergency contact is Steve Hawkes on (01926) 832534. If Steve is unavailable, please ring Barbara Cuttell on (01926) 843122 or 07910726716. Please bear in mind that we are all volunteersbut we do respond to urgent calls as quickly as we can.

For less urgent enquiries, please use the form below.


Report a road kill

If you see a dead badger, we would like to know, for it may alert us to a nearby sett which may, or may not, be on our records. Give as much detail as possible of the location of the carcase. We keep records and if several badgers are found in the same spot we may wish to undertake some investigation.

If you come across a dead badger between mid – January and mid – May and it is clearly a freshly killed lactating sow, there could be orphaned cubs nearby. So please ring any of our contact numbers on the Index page urgently. If one of our volunteers is available we may be able to search the areas close by to see if there are cubs in trouble and in need of rescue.

Time is of the essence in such instances if cubs are to survive. So please treat your call as urgent and be as exact as you can with the details of where you have seen the dead animal.

We don’t remove the carcasses ourselves. Instead, please contact the local council for removal. To report this to your local council, follow the links below:

Please use the button below to report a road kill:


General Enquiries

Send a Message

Please complete the form below if your query is not urgent. Non urgent queries include:

  • General advice about badgers in your garden. Some people are happy to encourage badgers and we can advise on the best ways to do this and what you need to be aware of in terms of feeding. We can also advise on a number of methods for deterring badgers or you can read our Fact Sheet on our Resources page. Please do remember badgers are a protected species and it is illegal to cause harm to them or any disturbance to setts.
  • Land development can threaten badgers and their territory in a number of ways. Increasingly, habitats are becoming fragmented through housebuilding, rail development and road development, and the building of commercial parks, logistics hubs and industrial estates. 

    Badgers are a protected species and any land developer would need to carry out the appropriate surveys and put measures in place to protect badgers and other wildlife. 

    As a voluntary group, we do not have the resources to get involved in every land development case, but if you are aware of any potential breaches of licences or planning applications, then please do inform us. We are able to offer general advice and there is further information on our Fact Sheet which you can access on the Resources page.

General enquiries

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