Looking out for badgers in Warwickshire since 1989

Warwickshire Badger Group
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What Drives Us

Our Purpose and Mission

Warwickshire Badger Group is a group of volunteers and supporters committed to the protection and conservation of badgers through education, monitoring and surveying badger activity, campaigning and lobbying, rescuing and releasing injured badgers, and vaccinations.

Save a Badger

Report an Incident

If you see a dead badger we would like to know. It may alert us to a nearby sett which may or may not be on our records. If you see an injured badger, seek help as soon as possible. Give as much detail as possible of the location of the incident. We keep records and if several badgers are found in the same spot we may wish to investigate.

Become a Member

Membership of the WBG costs just £8 per annum and it covers all your immediate family members living in the same house. You will also receive our quarterly newsletter Sett Piece.

MakING a Donation

You can help us save more badgers by donating. Click the PayPal button to take you to our donation link.