Road Kill Badgers

What to Do

If you see a dead badger, we would like to know, for it may alert us to a nearby sett which may, or may not, be on our records. Give as much detail as possible of the location of the carcase. We keep records and if several badgers are found in the same spot we may wish to undertake some investigation.

Possibility of Orphaned Cubs

If you come across a dead badger between mid - January and mid - May and it is clearly a freshly killed lactating sow, there could be orphaned cubs nearby. So please ring any of our contact numbers on the Index page urgently. If one of our volunteers is available we may be able to search the areas close by to see if there are cubs in trouble and in need of rescue.

Time is of the essence in such instances if cubs are to survive. So please treat your call as urgent and be as exact as you can with the details of where you have seen the dead animal.

Please send any information regarding a dead badger, to the Warwickshire Badger Group using the form via the link below:

You can find the Grid Reference using Grid Reference Finder. or
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