Injured Badgers
What should I do?

If you find an injured badger

If you find an injured badger you should seek help as quickly as possible. Please do not try to touch it as badgers are powerful animals with a fearsome bite. Frightened or injured animals often bite instinctively and concussed animals being taken to a rescue centre sometimes come round on route! Call for help. Leave it to someone with experience and the correct equipment.

You can contact the RSPCA on their national number 0300 1234999. They will respond to calls for help to deal with badgers, but this can often take a couple of hours or more. So they tend to pass these calls on to the Badger Trust who in turn ask the local badger group to respond instead.

Therefore, as a preferred alternative, you can contact us, the Warwickshire Badger Group, directly - but please be aware that our members are volunteers, often with full time jobs, and are not available round the clock. We will try and assist with some urgency and we do have experience and the equipment for safely restraining and transporting badgers to a local vet or wildlife rescue centre.

The contact in such instances is:- Steve Hawkes on 01926 832534 (other contact numbers for the group are available in the index page).

Alternatively the following three wildlife centres listed below have provided care and rehabilitation for badgers and cubs from Warwickshire and have 24-hour telephone response.

Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary: 07909 555310 or 02476 345243. They also operate a fully equipped rescue service to collect or treat injured animals.
Vale Wildlife Hospital: 01386 882288
Leicestershire Wildlife Hospital: 07951 285366

Sometimes badgers take shelter in the corner of a shed, garage or barn. These may be injured or ill. Unless they are clearly injured it is often safest and wisest to leave them in peace, giving them the chance to recover and move on. But if you want advice or assistance please contact any of the members listed in the team section at the bottom of the index page.