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Denise Taylor has been a professional wildlife conservationist and educator for over twenty five years and was awarded her PhD in Environmental Education from the University of Nottingham in 2012 following many years of studying and researching large carnivore education projects throughout the northern hemisphere and particularly in Western and Eastern Europe. Her focus has been primarily be on wolf conservation and the cultural perceptions and attitudes towards wolves, which has led to their persecution down the centuries. Denise was previously Director of the UK Wolf Conservation Trust and founder editor of its flagship magazine, Wolf Print. She continues to act as Specialist Adviser for the UKWCT.

Denise has been associated with Warwickshire Badger Group for a number of years through her conservation work. She joined the committee in early 2015 and was also appointed as Chair of the group at that time. Denise is passionate about education and is now also part of the newly formed sub-committee on education which has brought members of other groups together along with the Badger Trust to develop curriculum resources and materials for schools and higher education institutions.